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1. Vampire - Bad guy
2. Vampiress - Wants to be on the side of good, but is a chaotic neutral at heart, will change sides depending on her mood that day, has grief over being turned into a vampire so she loves to give away their secrets
3. Werewolf - Female. Hates vampires
4. Human girl - Wants to be a demon hunter
5. Human boy - Doesn't want to be involved with supernatural or paranormal stuff at all but has to because it keeps happening to him.
6. Gender fluid shapeshifter - Sides with the humans
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Genre: Paranormal / Horror / Comedy
Species: Humans, werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, demons, angels, and many of the in-betweens.

Countries increasing their military power; companies that are so clearly destroying the environment able to purchase the local police, military, and political forces; extreme temperature fluctuations caused by global warming, and an earth quake waiting to take California away . . . the world is about to change drastically-- but not entirely for the reason people think. At least not most people. Not the so called 'sane' people. However, the ones walking around shouting about the four horsemen and the signs all showing we're doomed, well they'd be the closest . . . but this isn't Jeopardy, so you don't get points for being the closest without going over.

The world is always ending, that's the truth. You have a war between gods and devils, angels and demons, and you put a little planet smack-dab in the middle of it and decide to put humans there, while, what, hoping for the best? Mercury was the first attempt at such a thing and look how that turned out? A planet so damaged by global warming and decay that despite having soil, nothing can survive long enough to even get to the surface. It was all happening again, despite the best efforts.

The "best efforts" in this sense is what is known as 'supernatural' creatures, and humans who have managed to search for answers rather than just assume they know everything or had the misfortune of having the realities thrust in their face. The demons and devils of Hell want Earth for their own, and they'll use any method they have in order to obtain it, on their side or wicked creatures thought to be legends, which has always been the case. Because this has always been the case, however, this time around whoever is running this show decided to fight fire with fire. In a world were survival is an unrealistic goal, skills related to prepping, magick, and occult/religious knowledge may just save your life. Or, of course, it'll get you killed in more creative ways, but half the fun is in the unknown, isn't it? As the song goes, before you start a war you'd better know what you're fighting for. Well? What do you fight for?

Basis for idea: Right now, survivalist culture is very in, and I have a lot of experience in that area, with my mother being a prepper and myself owning enough survivalist books to out weigh me. I even attend prepper conventions. Dystopian novels are huge right now, and during PitMad (the event on twitter where authors, publishers, and agents go looking for one another as authors throw out up to three pitches for book ideas), an acquaintance of mine had three agents inquire about a fake book she hadn't even started writing because she mentioned werewolves hunting ghosts. Three. That's a large display of interest, so I want to do something similar enough that we can get interest, but different enough not to be taking her idea.

Spells -- Witches and those who study are able to do magick, many ghost hunters will learn spells for protection.

Angel Marks -- Angel marks are like spells, but usually stronger and work if the person using them is of a religious faith or is a religious entity, such as an Angel. These can be used to trap demons, cast banishing spells, cast spells of protection, and create doors.

Salvation -- A powerful potion that is able to return the humanity to anyone who truly wants it. This is a difficult potion to produce and has a very short shelf life, often only lasting a few hours after being made, it can prevent lycanthropy, vampirism, zombieism, and other curses set on changing a person, and rumors are about that the original potion, with an ingredient that has bee lost to time, was made to bring someone back from the brink of death.

Soul Stones -- A frame of pure silver holds a very special stone that resembles a diamond and is cut and places so that the sharp, pointed end faces outward. The diamond is called a Soul Steal Gem and is one of the most precious stones a person can find, if they ever manage to. These stones are often housed in the center of other precious stones such as sleeping beauty topaz or jade. It is even said that in order to obtain one, or even have the slightest hope of finding one, you must give up something worth a soul; something precious to you in ways you have trouble explaining, but will always try. You must bear your soul to get a Soul Steal Gem. Once obtained, and made into the silver charm, the sharp end is used to pierce into a vampire at a connecting point, the forehead is one, the base of the throat another, or just above the heart. Their blood is absorbed by the gem, as is a bit of their soul. Their blood and soul combine and form a stone, surrounding the gem until an amulet is made. If the person attempting this manages to complete the process, they now have control over that vampire for as long as they hold the stone. Direct orders given must be obeyed, and the person who owns the amulet cannot be harmed by that vampire while they are wearing it.
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Ghost hunter teams up with another hunter on a desperate case, they get into a terribly tricky situation and find out each of them is actually a supernatural being.

Serial killer ends up abducting a vampire.

Paranormal hunting team ends up able to control a vampire by owning its Soul Stone.

Werewolf ghost hunters (Trending heavily on twitter, very popular)


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